What are The 3 Main Priorities of Caregivers ?

Safety should be the main priority of all in-home caregivers. If a situation develops that may potentially put her patient at risk, the issue should be taken care of immediately. Other priorities include the daily needs of the patient and their entertainment needs.


If patients suffer from dementia, they need to be protected and supervised closely. At the start of a caregiver’s day they must make sure that all doors are locked so the patient cannot get outside without supervision.

When caregivers have made sure that their patients cannot get outside or wander out of sight, make sure sharp objects, such as knives and scissors, are locked away. Some caregivers provide art projects for their patients which may require scissors, it is important for the caregiver to cut out shapes for their patient to avoid accidental lacerations.

Caregivers ensure that potentially dangerous medications are also securely locked away. When they have to give medication to patients they must lock the bottles away once medicine has been given the patient.


The in-home caregiver’s second priority is to make sure that the patient stays healthy. Safety affects this effort because, if the patient manages to get into a dangerous situation, the patient could be injured.

If the patient does not like taking a particular medication, alert the patient’s doctor. The doctor may be able to prescribe the same medication in a different formulation.

Everything Else

Finally, the caregiver’s third priorh2ity is to make sure their patient is clean, well-groomed and has nutritious snacks and meals. If a part of the caregiver’s job is to provide companionship, Options In Home Caregivers will provide just that with any of their patients.

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