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In-Home Exercise Assistance

Maintaining some physical activity is often described as the key to a long, healthy life. Unfortunately, aging makes keeping a regular exercise routine difficult for many seniors. Extended or chronic illness can also make it difficult to exercise, and the diminished muscle mass and loss of strength can make everyday activities more difficult and even increase the risk for falls.

Our in-home exercise assistance service is designed to combat this trend, and works against the negative aspects of advanced age or chronic illness, helping your loved one live a more active life. Depending on the nature of their disability, we may be able to help them to develop strong muscles to help prevent falls, as well as with activities throughout the day.

We can also provide assistance with personalized exercise and diet plans for those struggling with obesity, diabetes, or other maladies that can be alleviated or even eliminated with weight loss. They do this by not only helping with light exercise assistance, but also with maintaining a healthy diet through preparing delicious and healthy meals.

Our in-home caregivers can even help with that most challenging aspect of exercise: motivation. Our caregivers provide the companionship and accountability that are so important in getting the elderly or the infirm to work up the motivation and strength of will to exercise.

Most everyone could benefit from a little more exercise during the day, and those that are homebound are certainly no exception. In fact, the benefits of an exercise program in those that are unable to live on their own are even more pronounced than they are in the average person.

An improvement in overall health, as well as marked improvements in mood and personal outlook are all possible with just a little light exercise during the day. Exercise releases natural chemicals in the brain called endorphins that work to improve mood and even help boost immune system levels. Our trained caregivers are prepared to help your loved one complete exercise programs designed by their physical therapist or personal trainer. Whether your loved one has had an injury to a muscle that needs to be exercised, or is simply in need of some exercise to improve their overall quality of life, we are here to help/

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Exercise Routines for the Home

Whether your loved one has recently undergone a major change that requires physical therapy, or just finds it hard to stay active due to age or illness, our certified nursing assistants can help. Our senior exercise assistance service can help your loved one get the light exercise he or she needs to maintain strength and balance.

Although we are not personal trainers or physical therapists, we can take the recommendations of these professionals and help your loved one implement them at home. We can also provide transportation services to the gym, public pool, or wherever else your loved one would like to exercise. We have found that getting out of the house, and establishing a routine can help even the most stubborn of patients to meet their light exercise goals.

Even something as small as a walk around the park a few times a week can help to make a dramatic difference during this time in your loved one’s life, however, we can also work to make sure your loved one has options  for meeting their exercise goals in their own home.

Anything from light calisthenics to yoga is possible, all in the safety of your loved one’s own home. Speaking of, we will also go through a professional safety checklist that will insure your loved one’s home is not only a safe place for them to exercise, but is set-up for them to live with the maximum amount of independence and the highest level of safety.

Benefits of Exercise Assistance

  • Better Balance
  • Increased Strength
  • More Energy
  • Injury Prevention
  • Restored Mobility

Our exercise assistance is contingent on the recommendations of a doctor. Whether your loved one is elderly or disabled, beginning a new exercise routine should always be cleared by a physician first.

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