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Light Housekeeping

Maintaining a clean and hygienic home environment is important to anyone’s health and wellbeing.This goes doubly so for those of us who lack the ability to clean our homes as often or as well as is necessary to maintain this all-important healthy environment. When your loved ones want to maintain their independence, but still need some help keeping house, that’s where Options In-Home Care comes to the rescue.

We offer 24/7 in-home nursing assistants that can help provide a number of services that provide the help needed by your loved ones to handle the challenges of day to day life in the Los Angeles area. It’s important to help your loved ones cultivate and maintain a sense of independence, as well as one of dignity during this often trying time. It’s easy to see how having someone to help take care of tasks like light housekeeping goes a long way towards both of these goals.

This also takes a great deal of the burden of caring for your loved ones off of you, freeing you up to spend more time with them, rather than cleaning up for them. Our caregivers are standing ready to help shoulder the burdens that come with caring for a loved one that’s sick or homebound due to age or illness. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty about not being able to devote the full measure of your time to caring for a loved one in this position, and with one of our in-home caregivers, you can be sure your loved one is living comfortably and safely within their own home.

Benefits of Having Your Own Housekeeper

Our caregivers are an excellent alternative to retirement homes and other assisted living facilities that can feel cold and impersonal. There are plenty of good options for assisted living facilities in the Los Angeles/San Bernardino County areas, but these facilities can be demoralising to your loved one. The effects of being at the mercy of caregivers who have potentially dozens of others to care for can leave those you care about feeling depressed and even unwanted.

No assisted-living facility can match the benefits of letting your loved one stay in their own home, with a personal caregiver that can provide the care and companionship they so desperately need during this time. More importantly, having a certified in-home caregiver helps your loved one maintain the vital sense of independence that has an extremely  positive effect on overall health and well-being.

We know how nerve-wracking it can be when you are forced to place the care of a family member in the hands of another, but after meeting with one of our trained and certified caregivers you can be sure that your loved one is receiving the best possible care. Our certified caregivers can handle everything your loved one needs to live a safe, happy life, at the maximum level of independence.

Let our caregivers focus on the incidental things, like minor housekeeping chores, and let your loved ones enjoy the things that matter most to them, while maintaining both independence and dignity.

List of Housekeeping Services

Even for routine light housekeeping tasks, it is important that your loved ones receive the attention of a professional in-home caregiver. Unlike a maid or housekeeper, our workers can perform a number of caregiver tasks to make sure your loved one is clean, safe, and healthy. We provide a much wider range of services than a typical maid or housekeeper, and our in-home caregivers are specially trained and certified in the care of those who are unable to fully care for themselves, whether this is due to age or infirmity

We want your loved ones to be as comfortable as possible, and towards that end we train our caregivers to provide a list of housekeeping services to maintain a safe and hygienic environment. Below we have provided a list of services our caregivers are trained to assist with or take care of. This is a list of the services we typically provide to our customers who require in-home caregivers help with light housekeeping duties.


  • Disinfecting Counters
  • Sweeping and Mopping Floors
  • Washing Dishes
  • Discarding Spoiled Food
  • Emptying trash bins


  • Disinfecting Bathroom – sink, toilet, shower
  • Organizing bathroom towels & washcloths
  • Emptying trash bins

Bedroom Room/ Living Room

  • Pet Care Assistance
  • Vacuuming/ Dusting
  • Organizing closets
  • Assistance with laundry
  • Changing bed linens and making the bed
  • Emptying trash bins

Other Services and Contacting Us

Again, this list is by no means exhaustive, and if you need a service that isn’t listed, or would like to discuss individual or particular needs specific to your situation, give us a call at (909)-621-2273 or contact us through the web. We want to be here for you, and for your loved ones in this difficult time. We can provide you with an in-home caregiver that can handle everything from the housekeeping assistance we’ve listed here, to things like nutrition planning and meal preparation, and even specialized medical care.

We want you to be confident that your loved one is receiving the best care possible, twenty-four hours a day. Age and illness shouldn’t force anyone to live in dirty or unsafe conditions. Let our caregivers take care of the housekeeping and other assisted-living duties for your loved ones today.