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Meal Preparation Assistance

Preparing healthy and nutritional meals is another important service we provide here at Options In-Home Care. Many times elderly and disabled patients are not able to prepare meals themselves or simply lack the  strength or desire to eat.With our in home caregivers, you no longer have to worry whether your loved one is receiving the proper meals. In home caregivers can provide tasty and nutritious meals for your loved ones, as well as help them find the strength and desire to eat and keep up their strength.

Our caregivers provide nutritional balanced meals with all the proper vitamins recommended by his or hers physician. They also encourage them to drink water throughout the day as needed, as hydration is even more important for those that are home-bound.

Nutritional In Home Assistance Services

Meal Planning

Meal planning is crucial for those loved ones that are not able to provide themselves the balanced meals they need to stay healthy. With the help of your nutritionist, our caregivers develop meal plans with all the proper food groups necessary in your loved ones diet: fruits, vegetables, fiber, and more. These healthy meals help to insure your loved one receives all of the nutrients needed for a strong and healthy life. We can also tailor meal plans to any medical conditions your loved one may have such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Meal Preparation Assistance

For some, preparing their own meals may become dangerous. This can happen with elderly individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, or can be a result of a lack of confidence stemming from a previous bad experience as they may have forgotten to turn off the stove or may have accidentally injured themselves. Our caregivers can prepare the meals for them or simply provide safety supervision.

Grocery Shopping

Some individuals simply do not have the strength or the energy to do their own grocery shopping; our caregivers are able to do the grocery shopping for them and help keep their fridge full. They also can encourage the individual to go with them for some fresh air and activity. This also insures that your loved one’s meals are prepared with the finest quality fresh ingredients. Home food delivery services that simply deliver frozen meals to be heated up in the microwave simply can’t compete with a fresh, home cooked meal.

Dinner Companionship

Our caregivers are also able to provide companionship, this encourages your loved one to continue eating their meals. Our in home meal preparation assistance is a great way to ensure your loved one is eating healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This gives your loved one someone to talk to, and shows them that someone cares which can go a long way towards staving off elderly depression.

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At Options In-Home Care our caregivers can provide your loved one with the nutritious nourishment he or she deserves so that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they under great care.  To learn more about this and other in-home caregiver services we offer, contact us today.