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Medication Reminders

If your elderly or disabled loved one requires in-home caregivers to help around the house, chances are he or she is also taking some kind of medication. Medication management and reminders are some of the most important services our certified nursing assistants can provide, ensuring that your loved one gets the vital medicine he or she needs no matter what. In addition, our medication reminders ensure that your loved one gets the proper dosage to avoid accidents.

Our specialized and certified in-home caregivers can help to insure your loved ones are protected night and day, and are as safe as they can be. Medication management is one of the most important aspects of maintaining the health and wellness of your aging or disabled loved one. We can provide your loved one with an individually chosen care provider that is uniquely suited to them and their needs. No cold and impersonal nurse chosen at random will ever match the care and comfort of one of our carefully selected and highly-trained care providers.

An in-home caregiver is also an excellent, and in almost all cases preferable, alternative to being forced into placing your loved one in an assisted living facility. Living at home provides dignity and independence in a way that a nursing or retirement home, or other assisted-living facility simply can’t match.

We know how stressful it can be, having to manage your life and the life of a loved one battling advanced age and chronic illness, but it doesn’t have to be. Our trained caregivers can handle everything your loved one may need in order to live a safe and happy life. Having a 24/7 in-home caregiver means your loved one will have the care they need and the companionship they deserve.

Medication Management

Our in-home caregivers perform many vital functions for the elderly and disabled people we service. Medication management is by far one of the most common functions an in-home caregiver can provide, and is also easily one of the most important. In order to keep your loved one out of a nursing home or other institution, it is important that he or she stay healthy and safe at home. In the interest of allowing them to live alone with dignity, our certified nursing assistants will make sure your loved one gets the proper dosage of the correct medication, as often as is required.

This is especially vital in Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients that can often forget to take their medications, or get confused about dosages. The elderly and disabled that are suffering from diabetes and require insulin can also benefit greatly from having someone to remind them to check their blood sugar and inject themselves as needed.

Our trained and certified caregivers are capable of providing the personal assistance your loved ones need, while also providing the medical care that is so important in maintaining a long and happy life. Medication management is a vital service and Certified Nursing Assistant is trained in, but our caregivers have a broader list of services than the typical in-home care provider is capable of.

Medical Equipment Management

Part of making sure your loved one has a safe and healthy environment includes managing their medical equipment and devices. Whether this equipment is a blood sugar meter, a CPAP machine, or other device, chances are it requires supplies and management that can be difficult for someone suffering from chronic illness or who is of advanced age to provide. Our caregivers are ready to manage the use, storage, and adjustment of these devices. We also train our caregivers to manage and maintain support devices like canes, walkers, and wheelchairs, in order to insure these mobility support devices are in a safe, well-kept, and easily accessible state.

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