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Our Caregivers

All of our caregivers are HHA’s Or CNA’s and are covered by Worker’s comp and Liability Insurance.

Our 12-Point Caregiver Screening Process

  1. Identity VerificationWe carefully check each candidate’s social security card and employment eligibility documents to make sure they are authorized to work in this country. Our HR Coordinator then completes an I-9 form verifying that required identity documentation has been inspected and is in compliance.
  2. Reference VerificationEach candidate must have at least two verifiable home care-related references. For quality assurance, it is our policy not to consider volunteer work or work with family or friends as acceptable qualifications for our jobs.
  3. Criminal Background CheckEach prospective employee undergoes a criminal background check in any and all counties he or she has lived and worked in the fast five years. Individuals with a criminal felony conviction in their background are disqualified for consideration as an OIHC employee and will never be assigned to our clients’ homes.
  4. FingerprintedFor further peace-of-mind, each prospective employee is fingerprinted and a copy of their photo ID is kept on file.
  5. Ability to Communicate in EnglishWe check each of our candidate’s abilities to communicate well in English so that they can do so with our clients, their families and friends, medical staff, and our office staff. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer but maintain a sensible standard of English communication skill and ability to ensure home care service excellence.
  6. Extensive Interview and OrientationWe conduct in-depth interviews and orientation sessions with our applicants to better assess their skills and experience and to thoroughly orient them on our policies, procedures and protocols.
  7. Safety-TrainingThe health and safety of our clients and employees is very important to us. To ensure their protection, we require that a back safety training video be carefully viewed by each of our candidates before hire in order that they learn about, and adhere to, optimum safety practices on the job.
  8. Elder Abuse OrientationAn Elder Abuse training session is another important and mandatory part of our orientation program. Failure to report elder abuse may subject individuals to fines and penalties. Training our field staff to be alert to the signs and symptoms of elder abuse helps us identify and report suspected abusers promptly.
  9. DMV Clearance/Driver’s LicenseEach care provider must submit a DMV clearance print-out of their driving record if they choose to drive our clients. We also check their California Driver’s License and Insurance documentation to see if they are in order.
  10. OIHC employees are neat, clean and well-groomedAll applicants must appear for their interview and orientation session in our offices wearing professional working attire. While uniforms are not required, they are preferred. In our experience, candidates who, themselves, are not neat and well-groomed are less likely to manage our clients’ grooming and hygiene routines to the standards we require.
  11. Caregiver AgreementA caregiver agreement is executed with each provider in which they agree to conduct themselves according to 26 items of ethical and professional conduct. Our Caregiver Agreement protects our clients from unwanted behaviors and promotes high performance standards.
  12. Caregiver’s PledgeEach care provider signs a pledge to do their utmost to comply with our Policies and Procedures and to make a positive difference in the lives of any client to whom they might be assigned.