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Personal Hygiene Assistance

At Options In-Home Care, we understand that your loved one may not have the ability or the capacity to keep up with personal hygiene. Our caregivers are here to provide the person you care for with personal hygiene assistance, an essential part of good overall health.

When it comes to the well being of your elderly or disabled loved ones, maintaining their dignity is of the utmost importance. At Options In-Home Care, we understand that helping your loved ones lead an independent life is important to preserving that dignity, and no where is this more important that personal hygiene. For many of the clients we serve throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties, personal hygiene assistance allows them to do just that.

Professional In-Home Caregivers

Our professional caregivers help your loved ones with everyday hygiene tasks that may have become difficult for them to perform on their own. We emphasize compassionate care in everything we do, and that certainly extends to our personal hygiene services, helping everyone to feel comfortable throughout. Keeping in mind that we may all one day require assistance with these routine tasks, we strive to maintain a dignified environment for all. Our service can go a long way towards those individuals struggling to maintain independence.

The presence of an in home caregiver can greatly influence the independence of your loved one in a positive way. We know that you want the best for the ones you care about, and this service and others we provide can help to insure that your loved one is living in the safest, most comfortable environment of all: their own home. We believe strongly that our services can help maintain peace of mind for you, and comfort and dignity for them. Many people experience fear of a nursing home as they grow older, and with an in home care provider you can make sure the specter of an assisted living facility no longer hangs over your loved one’s head. With one of our highly-trained and certified caregivers in home, 24/7 care is available.

Personal Hygiene Services

Our caregivers understand how difficult it can be to have someone assist during common personal hygiene activities. That is why each caregiver gets to know each patient and is sensitive to their mood to create a more comfortable setting. Our caregivers assist with:

  • Washing and Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Dressing
  • Teeth Brushing

Our caregivers are also able to provide incontinence care to those individuals that require more assistance. All services are performed in home in a safe and comfortable environment and in a way that emphasizes the well-being and comfort of your loved one.

Contact our Certified Caregivers Today

Our caregivers provide your loved one with assistance with their personal hygiene with the utmost discretion . We know that this is a difficult thing to think about, but we have years of experience in making this transition as easy and comfortable for you and your loved one. This can be a trying and difficult time of life for everyone involved, but with it doesn’t have to be. To learn more about the in-home caregiver services, contact our office today.